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Dog Boarding
Our standard suites come included with an indoor area measuring 4'x 6' and an outdoor area that is 4'x 10'. This room works best for smaller or older dogs that just want a nice place to relax or sunbathe. They have enough space to be comfortable and move around, but it is cozy enough to give your dog that sense of comfort he or she might need.
The Executive Suite has an indoor area that is 6'x 6' and an outdoor area that measures at 6'x 10'. Here your dog still has the opportunity to roam either inside or outside.
Our Presidential Suite indoor area is 8'x 6' and the outside area is 8'x 10'. This room is best for dogs that are really big, or high-energy dogs that need a lot of space.
Boarding Add - Ons
Hot Dog / Pupsicle$4
In Suite Private Time$10
Multipet Discount20%
Deposit$50 / $100 for Thanksgiving and Christmas
Peak Pricing $5
Late Fee
Tiered based on play packages

Cat Boarding
Rooms (Multi-Level Condo & Playtime Included)
Cat Condo$22
Boarding Add - Ons
Multipet Discount20%

Dog Daycare
Full Day $32
6 Days$176
10 Days$283
25 Days$668

Grooming & Bathing
(Prices range depending on breed and size as well as the condition of the coat)
Nail Trim$13
Ear Cleaning$3
Gland Expressions$13

Pompano Boarding Activities
2 hours of playtime or 2 walks 
4 hours of playtime or 3 walks
all day play or 4 walks
all day play or 4 walks, bedtime tuck in, daily photo, daily treat, late walk