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Our Services

Behavior Consultation and Evaluations

With our free client consultation, we can identify the behavioral issues that you want your dog to work through and can recommend the right type of evaluation for your pet. Whether in-person or on the phone, we will discuss behaviors and expectations to develop a training plan to best address your dog’s needs.

Conducted at the resort or at the home, each dog evaluation allows us to assess your dog’s current behaviors, get to know your pet as an individual, and personalize a training program that best fits you and your pet. First-time clients receive a complimentary first day of daycare.

Please contact us for training prices and additional details!

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Daycare Programs

The daycare program options are for those pets that need a little extra out of their day. Whether you just want your dog to get some extra one-on-one attention and entertainment, have their obedience reinforced around different distractions, refresh your pet's previously learned obedience, or whatever else you can challenge me with!

  • All day daycare

  • 3 On Leash Obedience sessions

  • All on leash training sessions are 15-20 minutes in duration

Social Tutor:

Subject to availability – 30 minute minimumWe have a trainer educate your pup on how best to play and co-exist with the rest of the pack during playtime. Some examples of issues that might get addressed are mounting, domination, and “policing” of the rest of the group.

RefreshersSubject to availability. Daycare/Boarding rates not included

This program is for those dogs who have previously attended obedience classes and/or programs. This allows us to practice some of your dog’s pre-existing cues and commands during their stay with us. Perfect for a parent with a busy schedule.

Private Lessons

Do you find that most days your dog takes YOU for a walk, run, and hike? Walking, running, biking, long-boarding, and hiking with your dog should be an enjoyable bonding experience! Do you want to be confident taking your furry companion to local events, the beach, or out to dinner without anxieties or stress?Private lessons are all about turning you into the best dog trainer that you can be! You, me, and the pup will work through any pre-existing issues that they may already have as well as prepare you for anything else you may encounter in the future. Some fan favorite lessons include loose leash walking, resource guarding, addressing anxiety, basic obedience, and more!

Group Classes

The things that I hear parents struggle with the most is getting their dogs to focus and engage with them outside, amidst distractions. Group classes give you the opportunity to practice this in a controlled environment with the help of a trainer. There’s no greater feeling than having your dog on a loose leash while they ignore all the other dogs, humans, treats, and noises around them. Due to the nature of the program, we require that you go through a consultation and/or an evaluation process before joining us in Group Classes. Some of the things that we’d want to avoid is dog/leash aggression and resource guarding. Those are issues that we’d be happy to address outside of this format to better set your pup up for success!

Educational Boarding Programs

Our Educational Boarding Program was created to get to the bottom of your dog’s unique training challenges, to cater to their individual personalities, and to provide a routine that they can rely on. Oftentimes a dog’s behavioral issues will occur because of their existing routine (or lack thereof). Within this program, we provide them a structure that they can look forward to. New behaviors are taught, existing commands are solidified, and lots of stimulation is provided in the form of socialization with other dogs and one on one interactions with professionals. The goal is to offer them a foundation with which to build off through conditioning, positive reinforcement, and consistency.After a brief stay, your pet will go home a well-rounded companion. An exit lesson is given upon pick-up of the final training day to prepare you and your family with the tools and knowledge to build a stronger bond with your canine. Follow up lessons are also included with each program for consistent coaching on how to practice at home what was learned during their stay.Programs typically start on Mondays and range from 1 - 6 weeks. (Prices shown include standard room, bath, training & follow-up lessons.)

Pricing: We have boarding programs ranging from 1 to 6 weeks. All educational boarding programs include daily training, a bronze activity package, standard room, and an exit lesson with the pet parent. Please call so we can customize a program based on you and your pup’s needs.

Canine Good Citizen


The AKC started the Canine Good Citizen Program in 1989 as a means of rewarding dogs who are well-behaved companions at home and in the community. A key component of the CGC Program is the 10-step CGC test issued by our AKC certified evaluators.

  • Item 1 - Accept a Friendly Stranger

  • Item 2 - Sit Politely for Petting

  • Item 3 - Appearance and Grooming

  • Item 4 - Our for a Walk (On a Loose Leash)

  • Item 5 - Walk Through a Crowd

  • Item 6 - Sit and Down on Command / Staying in Place

  • Item 7 - Come When Called

  • Item 8 - Reaction to Another dog

  • Item 9 - Reactions to Distractions

  • Item 10 - Supervised Separation

Why Do it? Earning the CGC award will ensure that your dog is a well-respected member of your community. Also, some therapy dog groups require the CGC as a prerequisite. In addition, Canine Good Citizen training is a fun way to spend time with your dog and will help you establish a closer bond.

Specialized Training

Offering a wide variety of training for dogs and their owners, this section of services is to briefly detail additional criteria owners may be interested in. Pricing varies.

E-Collar Training Off-Leash Advanced Obedience, Total Avoidance scenarios, Long Distance Recall, etc.

Doggie Fit Camp For dogs who are overweight and need a structured feeding and exercise schedule: Treadmill Training, Agility Style Exercising, etc.

Tricks and StuntOffering a wide variety of fun tricks and stunts to perform with your companion: Roll Over, Crawl, Jump through arms, Bow, Shake, High-Five, Weave through legs, Pout (Head all the way down), Sit Pretty, Talk, and SO MUCH MORE!